Smarti Pants Cloth Diapers

Molly in one of her Smarti Pants Cloth Diapers!

Advantages: easy to use patented "Smart Sleeve", liners come out in the wash, birth to potty training, trim fitting

Disadvantages: snaps are so tough I feel like I might rip the fabric sometimes

When I first heard of this diaper, I was very interested. First because I heard about the smart sleeve really releasing the liners in the wash. Second because I heard how trim they are, and I have a tiny baby.

I ordered 2 diapers to start with because I wanted to get a feel for them before I started filling our stash up with them. They came packaged nicely. I was surprised at how soft they were being brand new. At first, looking at the liners I was a little put off. To me, they looked like wash rags. Let me explain... the edges are stitched with green thread, in the fashion of wash rag edges. Does this really matter? Not at all. Off to wash the diapers.

The first time I got the diapers out of the wash, I was thrilled at how easy to stuff they were! Instead of having to dig my hands all the way down into the front of a diaper struggling to make sure it's flat, and laying right... I could reach right into the front and work from both ends! I LOVED that feature!

I put Molly down on her changing table to put the diaper on her, and once I had the snaps snapped, I picked her up and checked it out. Wow! This was the first diaper I'd found thus far that wasn't huge and bulky on my 11 pound baby. So far, so good!

I let her wear the diaper for a good 3 hours, really wanting to test it's limits. To my surprise, no leaks at all! Later that night, I had planned on using the 2nd Smarti Pants diaper that I'd ordered because she sleeps through the night. This would really put them to the test. We woke up the next morning and no leaks! Not even around the snaps. Not even around the legs! I was impressed.

We now have about 12 Smari Pants, and we love them. The only thing I can say negative about them is that the snaps really snap so tightly that I've heard the fabric pulling - almost sounding like a rip - when I've gone to unsnap them. It's a little frustrating sometimes, especially when she's fussy getting changed. But, I can definitely overlook that because of all of the good things about these diapers!

Overall, 4.5 Stars from The Warner Review!

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  1. thanks for the review, there aren't many out there for this diaper and I wanted to know a little more before I purchased!