Rockin' Green Soap

It looks like regular detergent, but it's Rockin' Green Soap and it is rockin'.

I've been on twitter for a while now, and I found a huge cloth diapering community on there. I'm so glad I did, because if I hadn't, I would have never met the folks at Rockin' Green Soap. I watched for a couple of month as more and more cloth diapering moms commented on how great it was. I must admit, I was a little skeptical. I was thinking, "What's so great?! It's JUST detergent." Little did I know that I would soon be proved wrong in that assumption.

I decided to go ahead and order a few samples to see what all the hype was about. Let me just say, when I went to the Rockin' Green website, I was AMAZED at all of the awesome scents that they offered (including unscented)! I was also REALLY happy that they have a "soft rock" formula for sensitive skin. I didn't know which one I wanted to try first! I went through the list and decided on a couple of different scents and went to check out. I ordered the soft rock formula since MJ, and my husband, both have sensitive skin (and I was going to try the detergent out on our clothes too). So now I wait.

The samples came in about 5 days, and I knew that they were here when I got next to the mailbox. My whole mailbox smelled DELICIOUS! I bet the mailperson was happy to have something smell so great in their car that day! I was so excited to get back to the house because that day just happened to be one of our diaper washing days! (YES!) So I started the wash cycle and the whole house started smelling sweet. I was happy so far. When our diapers were finished washing and drying, I was so excited to see how they did. I noted a few things. 1. Our diapers felt so incredibly soft. 2. Our diapers smelled really good. 3. Our BGs didn't have "that" smell anymore. WITH ONLY ONE WASH! I was so surprised. Going through my head at that point, "If this detergent doesn't break my sensitive-skined child out, this stuff is out new permenant detergent." I wanted to use all of the diapers on Molly before I said, "Okay, it doesn't break her out." I did, and not one single reaction. Not ONE. I am thrilled!

So, let me point out a few things... Rockin' Green is cloth diaper safe. It has no fillers, no dyes, no perfumes, no brightners, it's HE safe, it's vegan and it's AFFORDABLE! They make two different formulas. One is called "Classic Rock" and the other is "Soft Rock" for sensitive skin. This last note is for all of my TMP girlfriends who cloth diaper and have complained (along with me) about our BGs smelling... Our BGs don't smell like that anymore! With just one wash, I noticed an improvement. Now that they've been washed twice, it is almost completely GONE! The only thing that would make this detergent any better would be to have our diapers smelling just as super sweet as they did while they were washing, once they're finished drying. The scent is still there, a little, just not as strong. (Which could be an extra selling point for some of you CD'ing mommies!) :)

Also, Rockin' Green Soap is on the Bummis list of safe Cloth Diaper detergents!

Overall, 5 stars from The Warner Reviews! YES, FIVE!

Now for the AWESOME stuff... The folks at Rockin' Green Soap have been kind enough to offer one of our readers a 45 load bag of their awesome product! You get to choose the formula and scent, so get those entries in! I'm going to choose a winner with Random.org on October 1st!

Here's how to win...

Mandatory entry:
Visit the Rockin' Green website, come back here and post a comment with the scent and formula you'd like to win.

Extra Entries:
*1 extra entry- Follow The Warner Reviews Blog and post a comment that you follow.
*1 extra entry- Follow me on twitter and post a comment here that you follow.
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*1 extra entry- Become a fan of Rockin' Green Soap on Facebook and post a comment that you're a fan.
*Blog about this giveaway (good for 2 entries) post a comment with a link to the blog post - twice!

Contest will end October 1st at 2:30EST!

Random.org result: Post #75! Congrats to Justine!


Funky Diapers

The ROCKIN' patterns that Funky Diapers offer!

Advantages/Likes: easy to stuff, affordable, awesome patterns, easy to use snaps, birth to potty training

Disadvantages/Dislikes: snaps may be too easy to open for toddlers

So here I was on Google looking for new diapers to try. I got bored with the first few pages, so I skipped all the way out to page twenty-something. I saw Funky Diapers and that immediately caught my eye. I'm a funky person, I think. So, why wouldn't I like Funky Diapers? :)

I ordered a 3 pack from them because the price was too awesome to pass up. I paid $40 for 3 of the cutest diaper patterns that I have seen yet on a reusable diaper. Impressed? I was.

They came in plain packing. I inspected them, touched them, smelled them, played with them for a while (pulling and tugging) and decided to wash them. When they got out of the wash, I decided that we'd test them out that night. Overnight. Yes, I know. I'm tough on them right out of the gate with doing an overnight test. MJ went down that night around 9.

When she woke up the next morning around 5:30, I felt the outside of the diaper that we tried... no leaks. I took it off of her and felt around the snaps and around the legs. The leg openings were a little damp, but not so much that it would have gotten on a onesie. I was excited. This was a really cute diaper and it seemed to be holding up!

So far, I'm impressed with the diapers. I like that they use different materials than other diapers, I LOVE that they have rockin' patterns and they are dependable!

What's the diaper like? I'd compare the pocket and inside of the diaper to bumGenius diapers. It's soft, and for the most part easy to stuff. The inserts are just about the same as bumGenius inserts as well. The snaps are simple to use, but give little room for getting JUST the right size for different sized babies. Will that stop me from using them? Absolutely not. On first impression, I thought the diapers might be really bulky on MJ, but they aren't. They're actually pretty trim and they fit her well. They'll be great for babies of all sizes!

The one down side that I found with the diapers is that the snaps are easily opened/closed, so when it comes to toddlers they *might* be able to yank them off if they're feeling like being naked babies for a while.

Overall, 4 stars from The Warner Review!


Smarti Pants Cloth Diapers

Molly in one of her Smarti Pants Cloth Diapers!

Advantages: easy to use patented "Smart Sleeve", liners come out in the wash, birth to potty training, trim fitting

Disadvantages: snaps are so tough I feel like I might rip the fabric sometimes

When I first heard of this diaper, I was very interested. First because I heard about the smart sleeve really releasing the liners in the wash. Second because I heard how trim they are, and I have a tiny baby.

I ordered 2 diapers to start with because I wanted to get a feel for them before I started filling our stash up with them. They came packaged nicely. I was surprised at how soft they were being brand new. At first, looking at the liners I was a little put off. To me, they looked like wash rags. Let me explain... the edges are stitched with green thread, in the fashion of wash rag edges. Does this really matter? Not at all. Off to wash the diapers.

The first time I got the diapers out of the wash, I was thrilled at how easy to stuff they were! Instead of having to dig my hands all the way down into the front of a diaper struggling to make sure it's flat, and laying right... I could reach right into the front and work from both ends! I LOVED that feature!

I put Molly down on her changing table to put the diaper on her, and once I had the snaps snapped, I picked her up and checked it out. Wow! This was the first diaper I'd found thus far that wasn't huge and bulky on my 11 pound baby. So far, so good!

I let her wear the diaper for a good 3 hours, really wanting to test it's limits. To my surprise, no leaks at all! Later that night, I had planned on using the 2nd Smarti Pants diaper that I'd ordered because she sleeps through the night. This would really put them to the test. We woke up the next morning and no leaks! Not even around the snaps. Not even around the legs! I was impressed.

We now have about 12 Smari Pants, and we love them. The only thing I can say negative about them is that the snaps really snap so tightly that I've heard the fabric pulling - almost sounding like a rip - when I've gone to unsnap them. It's a little frustrating sometimes, especially when she's fussy getting changed. But, I can definitely overlook that because of all of the good things about these diapers!

Overall, 4.5 Stars from The Warner Review!



I'm Dani. I'm a stay at home mom and a military wife. Matthew is my husband. We have 4 dogs. Yes, FOUR. I work every once in a while as a photographer, and I am currently going to school for photography through NYIP. Molly Jane is our daughter. She was born April 14th of this year. When it comes to Molly, we want her to have what's best... toys, clothes, food, et cetera. She is cloth diapered. She is breastfed. I will also be making her foods myself when she starts solids. When it comes to our dogs, they are like children to us. They are what some would call, "pampered pets". Bentley is a chihuahua/min-pin mix and is 4 years old. Roxi is a chihuahua/rat terrier mix and is 3 years old. Stoney is a chihuahua/rat terrier mix and is 2 years old. Ellie is a Great Dane and is 1 year old. Call me crazy, but we plan on getting another Dane next year. We also have a cat and a turtle. We live on 6 acres in what is considered "the country". Our home is 3 bedrooms, 2 baths and has a 2 car garage. I love it there. My husband is in the U.S. Army and is an officer. He graduated from the University of North Dakota. We are both campers. We love the outdoors. We fish - ALOT. We travel as often as we can.

We decided to start doing product reviews because we realized that we are consumers on such a broad spectrum. We have children, pets, land, cars, a boat, we're home owners... the list goes on and on... So, I will seperate our reviews into different catagories to keep them organized. If anyone ever wants us to review something, just ask! We'll definitely help you out!