Funky Diapers

The ROCKIN' patterns that Funky Diapers offer!

Advantages/Likes: easy to stuff, affordable, awesome patterns, easy to use snaps, birth to potty training

Disadvantages/Dislikes: snaps may be too easy to open for toddlers

So here I was on Google looking for new diapers to try. I got bored with the first few pages, so I skipped all the way out to page twenty-something. I saw Funky Diapers and that immediately caught my eye. I'm a funky person, I think. So, why wouldn't I like Funky Diapers? :)

I ordered a 3 pack from them because the price was too awesome to pass up. I paid $40 for 3 of the cutest diaper patterns that I have seen yet on a reusable diaper. Impressed? I was.

They came in plain packing. I inspected them, touched them, smelled them, played with them for a while (pulling and tugging) and decided to wash them. When they got out of the wash, I decided that we'd test them out that night. Overnight. Yes, I know. I'm tough on them right out of the gate with doing an overnight test. MJ went down that night around 9.

When she woke up the next morning around 5:30, I felt the outside of the diaper that we tried... no leaks. I took it off of her and felt around the snaps and around the legs. The leg openings were a little damp, but not so much that it would have gotten on a onesie. I was excited. This was a really cute diaper and it seemed to be holding up!

So far, I'm impressed with the diapers. I like that they use different materials than other diapers, I LOVE that they have rockin' patterns and they are dependable!

What's the diaper like? I'd compare the pocket and inside of the diaper to bumGenius diapers. It's soft, and for the most part easy to stuff. The inserts are just about the same as bumGenius inserts as well. The snaps are simple to use, but give little room for getting JUST the right size for different sized babies. Will that stop me from using them? Absolutely not. On first impression, I thought the diapers might be really bulky on MJ, but they aren't. They're actually pretty trim and they fit her well. They'll be great for babies of all sizes!

The one down side that I found with the diapers is that the snaps are easily opened/closed, so when it comes to toddlers they *might* be able to yank them off if they're feeling like being naked babies for a while.

Overall, 4 stars from The Warner Review!

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